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Harrisburg Economic Development Commission grant application is open but won't be for long

HARRISBURG, AR- If you are needing a grant for a local Harrisburg business the Chamber of Commerce is your place to go.

The Harrisburg Economic Development Commission grant application is open but won't be for long.

“It helped us by opening our business by putting out current fence up and helped us to upgrade our parking area,” Co-owner, Big O’s restaurant, David Owens said.

The application opened February 1 and the last day to apply is March 1.

The funding pool is $10,000 annually to help small businesses in the city limits of Harrisburg make needed improvements to their business.

It’s for the exterior of their buildings, and their parking lots or grounds and is a 50/50 match. Funding is based on the project they have going already.

“They submit the application to us, and they tell us exactly what they’re going to do with it and then we chose based on the applications that we received,” Director of Operations, Morgan Mitchell said.

Big O’s BBQ in Harrisburg was a recipient of last year’s grant. Co-owner David Owens says they received the max of $2500 and plans to apply again this year.

Owens thinks this is a great first step for expanding businesses in the city.

“We get the word out; more and more people will be interested, and it gives them an opportunity to where maybe they can’t afford to do something to beautify or better their business. It gives them the opportunity to spend a little more and help them and their business in a lot of different areas,” Owens said.

For an application you can visit the chamber office in Harrisburg or email


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