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Habitat for Humanity expect remaining 8 homes to be complete by the end of the year

Habitat for Humanity has been working to provide housing for low-income families. The COVID-19 pandemic has not been helpful in the process of moving forward.

The project has been in the works now for 4 years, it will soon hold 9 homes and a park for those in the neighborhood.

The plan is to build the neighborhood on the North side of town and place first-time homeowners in those homes for their families to enjoy.

They have raised the funding and had a lot of help with grants, and local businesses giving their support.

So far, they have one family living in one of the homes already built for this project.

“COVID-19 hit, and it slowed us down because we wanted to keep our volunteers safe, so we stopped using those for a while and relied more on our constrictors. But that left us with the infrastructure last year to starting building on the houses,” Executive director, Micheal Sullivan said.

Sullivan said some challenges over the last year include family selection for the program and cost of construction.

They are selecting 4 more families for the program who are low income, who meet the qualifications and have the desire to be homeowners.

“Typically, habitat for humanity house takes $100,000 to build and that’s with the support of community donations like incline, building supplies, and other donations. Because of the pandemic construction costs for us increased over $20,000 so, now it is looking at $120,000 for these houses,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan said as of today they have all the funding needed to complete the homes.

“We’re so thankful for our donors and volunteers who make this possible for habitat to do our mission here in Jonesboro. As the weather gets better our volunteers will get to come back and work safely. We will still be looking for volunteers for this project,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan expects the remaining 8 homes to be complete by the end of the year.


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