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Greene County Tech preparing for sports with new AAA guidelines

PARAGOULD, Ark- Governor Hutchinson and the Arkansas Activities Association are updating their Covid policies.

Now, allowing school sports to allow 50% seating capacity.

Greene County Tech athletic director Dale Schenk has mixed feelings about the change.

“With baseball and softball, we’ll be able to get more people in…um the difficulty is that everyone’s excited,” says Schenk. “The difficulty now is the mask mandate is still in place and, a lot of people want to get rid of the mask and be done with it. We’re still directed to make people wear mask and, it’s getting difficult because we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Arkansas Athletics Association came out with their new guidelines this week, following Gov. Hutchinson's recent changes.

Allowing 50% with masks required, and a list of recommendations including promoting social distancing and; marking off bleachers.

Something GCT has and will continue to follow.

Schenk says he is happy with the changes but does have some hesitation.

“[If] the numbers go up, what happens? So, I worry about that aspect of it. I want to be able to complete these spring sports and, our kids want to be able to compete the spring sports. So, we- I worry about some of the steps in the right direction…we may get ahead of ourselves so, to speak,” he says.

Schenk says he hopes the state won’t have to reverse any of the new guidelines.

Greene County Tech does not have any more home basketball games, but they have a make-up game tomorrow against West Memphis.

Schenk says after a year of turning students and families away due to capacity rules, that won’t be the case tomorrow.

“It’s going to be nice that we go to West Memphis Thursday night and, we don’t have to worry about vouchers because they’ve got a big arena. They won’t reach that 50% capacity. So, everyone from Greene County Tech that wants to attend that game is going to be able to be there," Schenk says.

Schenk says he doesn’t expect an impact for their spring sports by the new changes.

As they play outside in larger venues with more seating options verse indoor arenas.


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