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Governor Hutchinson in Jonesboro to discuss the Coronavirus

JONESBORO, Ark- Among Governor Hutchinson's talking points today are the Covid vaccine.

The governor also spoke about the rising number of our hospitalizations in the region and how we can continue to celebrate Christmas while not having a large increase in cases following.

"Whenever were already at a high level in Arkansas at a large number of deaths each day and new cases and stretched hospitalizations that catches my attention," says Gov. Hutchinson.

Gov. Hutchinson says they also spoke about how to manage hospitalizations but applauds our hospitals for their surge and spacing plan.

He says the Covid affects from people hosting large thanksgiving gatherings are resulting in a surge in cases.

But says we one can continue to celebrate Christmas.

"I encourage the leaders here to really address the community and have everybody think through how we can be innovative this Christmas. That we can have Christmas and the holidays without increasing the spread within our family, actually adding to the problem,” he says.

Discussions on nursing and teaching shortages due to quarantine was also a topic according to the governor.

He was also pleased to hear local law enforcement are educating businesses on masking guidelines.

Another talking point was the Covid vaccine distribution.

Saying they submitted a plan to the federal government in preparation.

"Well, the hospitals will give those to their healthcare workers, and at first, there won't be enough to cover all the workers in the hospitals. But there will be a second delivery, and we'll get those covered. With the separate vaccine that'll go into the nursing homes and there is a separate distribution plan for the nursing homes. We're still working on some of those details," says Gov. Hutchinson.

Protesters did gather her outside the Embassy Suites today, protesting, not allowing them inside the community meeting.

We asked the governor about this, for which he called them are strategy sessions and cited social distancing guidelines.


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