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Gov. Hutchinson opens Phase 1-C for Coronavirus vaccine

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- More and more Arkansan’s can now receive their Coronavirus vaccine.

If you are in need of your coronavirus vaccine and fall into phase 1-C, good news, you now qualify.

As Gov. Hutchinson made the announcement recently.

Some say it’s one step closer to getting back to normal life.

“... And that announcement is that effective today, we’re opening the eligibility today for vaccines to all in category 1-C...,” says Gov. Hutchinson.

The governor made the announcement after President Biden said he wants all Americans to qualify to receive the vaccine by May 1st.

The Phase 1-C group includes people ages 16-64 that are high risk or work in finance, media, I.T., communications, energy, and foodservice.

Individuals that work in legal, public health, shelter and housing and transportation workers also qualify.

In addition to people that live in dorms and in group, or Greek housing.

One woman who has asthma and high-risk family members did receive her first dose today.

She already has plans once she’s fully vaccinated.

“I deal a lot with people and, I just didn’t want to risk losing family or myself. I’m super excited. I would definitely like to hang out with my family more again and be able to travel and do normal life things,” says newly vaccinated northeast Arkansas resident Nicole Ashlock.

Media relations manager for St. Bernards, Mitchell Nail, says the opening of 1-C is a game-changer for them as they continue their vaccine clinic.

With the process only taking 30- 45 minutes, they hope to vaccinate as many people as possible.

“[Be]cause, we have available vaccines and, from our perspective, if you are eligible, please come and get your vaccine. That’s the quickest way we can deal with this pandemic is for you, if you are eligible, to take advantage of that. So, don’t be afraid of stepping in front of somebody; that’s one thing I commonly hear ‘I’ll wait'. Please do not wait,” says Nail.


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