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Fowlers donate to NEA Baptist, hospital purchases mobile health unit

Updated: Feb 23

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- NEA Baptist Hospital received a large donation this week.

Kim and Chris Fowler are donating 1.6 million dollars to the NEA Baptist Charitable Foundation. The gift will purchase a mobile health unit that will travel the region to provide medical care in rural northeast Arkansas.

“There's a lot of barriers to healthcare. So, having a mobile unit like this where we can bring that directly to people in rural communities that are underserved, uninsured, or underinsured,” says Ty Jones, NEA Baptist director of marketing. “It just helps us bridge that gap and try to create a better healthcare experience for those who may not have ever experienced it before.”

The state-of-the-art mobile unit will be named "big blue". It will include many aspects you would see in a traditional doctor's office.

“X-Ray, mammography, a full exam room, and a lab,” Jones said.

The Fowlers have been generous financial partners with NEA Baptist for multiple years. They have contributed to programs like the Center for Good Grief and more.

Jones calls the unit a game-changer, eliminating obstacles like transportation that prevent one from getting medical care.

So, we’ve got units around the area that can do one of these things but to have one with all of these capabilities all in one package. It’s going to be really nice, and a big upgrade on being able to bring care to the community where it’s needed,” according to Jones.

Big Blue, the mobile healthcare unit, will be custom built by a company name. Jones anticipates it will be complete by October.


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