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Family Shares about Childs Stolen Device worth $15K

JONESBORO,AR- Jonesboro police says someone broke into a car and stole a child communication tablet, but it’s not just your regular tablet.

This device is not just for learning and games; it helps the daughter of Stephanie Hayes; Lexi communicate with her family daily while using her eyes.

“They broke into my SUV, which had her car seat in it, they broke that glass on that side, her car seat had glass all in it. They took a lot of things but the main thing that I wanted back was the device,” Lexi’s mom, Stephanie Hayes said.

The device was stolen Wednesday night. The family was heading to St. Louis the next morning for a doctor’s appointment.

The device is worth about $15,000 and Lexi uses it to communicate. Lexi has a chromosome disorder called Retts Syndrome. She was born with it and cause a delay in communication.

“So, her device can also tell me what she wants to eat. So, we use it a lot for mealtime. for dinner we’re eating spaghetti, green beans, some kind of fruit and she’s got a drink. She can tell me what she wants for that next bite with this device,” Hayes said.

Hayes has been fighting to get this device for almost 2 years. Now they have had to switch back to old technology that still allows Lexi to use her eyes, but she doesn’t have as many option as before with just print out.

“I would love our old device back it is for her, but if we don’t get the device back and something is wrong with it the GoFundMe is great, I am really appreciative to it,” Hayes said.

Jonesboro police department is supervising a GoFund Me page to replace the device.

“Can you say we miss it? Yeah,” Hayes said.

Police ask for your help in locating the device on Facebook Marketplace or in local pawn shops. If you have any tips to help recovery the device or identifying the suspect you should contact Crimestoppers 935-STOP (7867).


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