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Expect Gas Prices to increase after Winter Storm

JONESBORO,AR- Over the last few months, gas prices have been lower than usual, but drivers can expect to see that change soon.

According to GasBuddy, the extreme cold weather has impacted many refineries which could lead to an increase in gas prices, so for some Jonesboro drivers, they’re not worried.

“I expect to see them increase, but as long as I can get access to fuel, any price is fine with me,” Jonesboro resident, D Stewart said.

Gas Buddy says the national average price of gas may jump 10-20 cents per gallon from the current price of $2.54 in the next two weeks.

The increased price would be the highest drivers have seen since 2019, which can cause many people to limit their travel.

“I’m in a 2002, I’m in a gas saver, but for those that have bigger motors and stuff, I’m sure it’s going to be really hard on them. But I try to drive something that can save gas,” Jonesboro Resident, Diamond Boy said.

Some gas stations are not offering unleaded gas because they’ve been out due to the winter weather.

The global pandemic has taken over the oil prices, and now the cold weather is shutting refineries down.

Gas buddy warns drivers to expect to see the national average to increase to about $3 a gallon by Memorial Day weekend.

“If we have to pay for the premium, as long as we can make it work in case of emergencies and support, then we’ll just have to do what we got to do. Prices will go up, but we will just have to prepare for it,” Stewart said.

To save money on gas you can limit your driving, pay and save with reward programs and shop around using the Gas Buddy App to find the lowest price in your city.


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