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Energy company provide an update on rolling blackouts, conserving energy

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Over the past two weeks, energy companies across the state have been asking residents to cut back on their usage due to winter weather.

But now that temperatures are rising and warmer weather is in our future, do we still need to monitor our energy intake?

“Miso had reported they are no longer needing an alert out to have everybody to conserve. Anytime you don’t want to be wasteful, any time of the year-day or night, summer, winter whenever but still be conservative anyway. But you don’t have to go back to turning your heat down and all this stuff like we were doing last week.,” says Monty Williams, vice president of marketing and communications for Craighead Electric.

Several companies including, Craighead Electric, and Entergy Arkansas took part in rolling blackouts.

Finding out just 20 minutes before they had to cut off power to thousands for an hour at a time.

The outages were not planned- but a last resort necessity.

Williams says the on the morning of the outages they hit a milestone.

“On Tuesday the 16th at 8 am of 171 megawatts. Which our previous higher one was in January of [20]18 with a high of 152 megawatts. So, we were 19 megawatts higher than about three years ago there,” he says.

Only in extreme conditions do energy companies ask customers to cut back on their usage.

If a number of residents are using double or triple the amount of energy to stay warm.

That can possibly cause the energy grid to fail. Resulting in widespread blackouts.

That can last for days or weeks at a time.

Rolling blackouts prevent that from happening.

Williams says customers shouldn’t have to worry about additional planned outages anytime soon.

“If everything’s working fine, we should be good…year-round. In these extreme situations like this, we had minus two there one day-or night there. Ya know that was just an extreme day and, those will put a stress on the system. I think going forward we should be okay,” according to Williams.

Due to additional use plus the price of natural gas rising during the past two weeks of winter weather.

Williams tells customers that they will see an increase on their next bill.

Other energy companies including Entergy Arkansas have also told residents they may return to normal consumption.


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