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Embassy Suites continuing New Years Eve celebrations with COVID-19 changes

JONESBORO, Ark- New Year’s Eve celebrations all across the world are currently underway.

But things are looking very different this year due to the Coronavirus and Jonesboro is no exception to that.

The Embassy Suites and Red Wolfe Convention Center rang in 2020 with a large party, dancing, and a band, but that won't be the case tonight.

Still wanting to celebrate this year, the hotel had to get creative.

"It's a 180-degree difference, ha. There are no congregant parties anymore. There's an opportunity for people to come into the hotel and to be able to be by themselves and isolate in their own guest room,” says Embassy Suites Jonesboro General Manager Kraig Pomrenke. “They still get all the fun parts about New Year's Eve, but there's no balloon drop at midnight, there's no champagne toast, there's no band. But at least they can have a good time in their rooms."

This is the second year the hotel is hosting a New Year’s Eve party with the package, including a hotel room for guest.

They began planning this year’s party in early January, but all their plans came to a screeching halt in March.

"So, we scrapped all those plans, at first weren't going to do anything, but we had demand. People wanted to do something. So, we decided let's go ahead and do it too. We've got the space here, we've got the food, we've got the facilities. So, we decided it was the right thing to do," Pomrenk said.

They knew changes had to come to make it safe.

Masks are required at all times inside the Embassy Suites, they’re staggering dinner times to promote social distancing and keeping the party to each individual hotel room.

"You'll walk through these food stations that are all socially distant and take your food back to your room. And part of the evening is the manager's reception, the bars that are available to you and they are on each elevator landing that people are staying on," says Pomrenke. "So, all they have to do is walk out to the landing, get their drink and go back to their room and just kinda hang out and party in their room for the rest of the night."

Pomrenke says they can't wait to host a more traditional New Year’s Eve party next year.


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