• Sara Doan

East Highland Drive, Caraway Road intersection construction complete

JONESBORO, Ark- One large-scale construction project in Jonesboro is now complete.

If you drive down Caraway Road or East Highland Drive, you might notice something new.

No more orange cones and additional turn lanes.

As construction on the 3.1-million-dollar intersection, expansion is complete.

“Adding those additional left-turn lanes at each direction of traffic there. And-and kinda upgraded some of the traffic signals in general and the cameras and the zone for the camera. So, all-around upgrades,” says Arkansas Department of Transportation engineer Aaron Vowell.

Vowell says they also added upgrades to drainage areas with new pipes, sidewalks, and making it now wheelchair accessible.

One driver who frequents the intersection says he’s excited the project is complete due to the constant changes from construction.

“Being that it is a smooth road, and no cones have to go around. And people not paying attention where the lanes move and now that it’s a normal flow of traffic is just a whole lot easier for me,” says Joel Bledsoe.

The project started in early summer of 2020 and despite, a few setbacks due to the pandemic and winter weather, the ARDOT project finished on time.

Dylan Caubble works at Quick Lane Tire and Auto Center on East Highland Drive.

He says it’s easier to get in and out of the parking lot now.

As before people, would speed through the lot when roads were closed due to construction, calling it a safety issue.

“When the roads were closed over here, they would come through the parking lot and just fly through. We we’re pulling customers in and out and, it was getting real dangerous. A bunch of people just going through and throwing trash out. It was pretty hectic,” says Caubble.

Vowell says ARDOT is putting the final touches on the intersection over the next few weeks.


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