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Despite ice, Craighead Electric reports low power outages

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Residents awoke this morning with streets covered in ice and hard to travel.

But, despite these icy conditions, Craighead Electric Corporative says all reported power outages are restored.

"About four o'clock this morning, we had about 20 off is all we had this morning, and you know now at 9:35, everything is back on and stuff, so we're lucky,” says Monty Williams, vice president of marketing and communications for Craighead Electric.

Williams credits the low outage numbers to the strongest part of the storm missing Jonesboro.

Craighead Electric first started to prepare for the ice storm last Friday.

He says they continued planning behind the scenes this week with meetings on Tuesday to nail out a game plan and prepare for outside support to arrive in town.

"So, we were also working on that side too, and stuff. So, we were looking at it for several days in advance. And just a day before, we started stocking our trucks, filling them up, getting them ready just in case. So far, we've been lucky. I think we've dodged a bullet this time,” he says.

Williams says staff feels relieved with the low total number of power outages.

While they don't have any confirmed outages at the moment, that could change.

He also wants to remind people to be safe in this weather.

"If you see a downed powerline, it's best to stay away from it because you don't know if it's energized or not. And call the utility even if it's on City Water and Light, Entergy, or us. Call and make sure somebodies aware of it and stay away from it. We don't want anyone to get hurt in this,” says Williams.

Williams says they're already looking and preparing for next Monday's snow showers that are in the forecast.

Northeast Arkansas News did reach out to Entergy and CWL.

CWL did not have any reported outages and, Entergy expects all outages to be taken care of by tonight.


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