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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Craighead Electric sending crews to Louisiana to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark We first told you about Entergy sending crews down to Louisiana to help after Hurricane Ida ripped through the gulf coast. Now, more local assistance is there.

Crews from Craighead electric are in Louisiana to help get the power grid back up after Hurricane Ida knocked out cell service and power in the southern part of the state.

“Initially [we] didn’t think we had a crew available to send. And then when we saw the reports coming out of Louisiana, just how bad it is. We moved some stuff around and got ten guys and five-line trucks,” says Craighead Electric Director of Marketing, Jon David Carmack.

Arkansas Cooperative as a whole sent 209 crews with ten that left from Jonesboro Wednesday morning.

They are stationed in a tent city in Morgan City, Louisiana while assisting south Louisiana Electric Cooperative. The company sustained severe damage not only to its network but facilities as well.

“They’re based in Houma, Louisiana, and they have reported 90% of their 19,000 members are currently without electric service. It’s the largest disruption to their service in the entire 83 [year] history in that corporative,” Carmack says, detailing the destruction left by Ida.

Craighead electric joins the 500 plus crews that Entergy Arkansas sent to Louisiana to help.

Carmack says crews will help rebuild the distribution network.

“A crew foreman, drain man lineman, several large construction trucks, and service truck. They’ll be able to help rebuild the distribution system that’s been just completely decimated. There’s hundreds and hundreds of free-faced poles on the ground. They’ll work sixteen-hour days.”

Craighead Electric crews plan to be down there for two weeks. If the need is still there, they will rotate out by bringing more crews down until south Louisiana Electric Cooperative can get back on their feet.


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