• Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Craighead County voters head to the polls on Election Day

JONESBORO, Ark- It is election day, and voters across the region are heading to the polls. After a heavy large early voting turnout in Craighead County, will it continue?

Thousands of people voted early in this midterm general election, but the large turnout continues on Tuesday, November 8, Election Day.

“In 2018 we did about 11,700 [for early vote],” Craighead County Elections Coordinator Jennifer Clack said. “So, now in 2022, we’ve done over 16,000 [votes].”

In the 2020 Presidential Election, Arkansas was among the states with the lowest voter turnout. With only 56% of eligible voters submitting a ballot.

Clack says it's encouraging to see a new push.

“I think that may have been a momentum for us to get out and vote and do better and show people how awesome Arkansas is," she says.

With such a large voter turnout for early voting, we wondered what's bringing them out to let their voices be heard?

Voters say it’s a number of things- from the Arkansas gubernatorial race to issues on the ballot like Issue Two, the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Another hot topic in Craighead County is the Craighead County Jonesboro Public Library. Voters will decide if the millage will decrease from two to one mill.

One voter says she submitted the ballot in honor of the next generation of voters.

“Just because it helps make our state better for the future generations…our children.”

While voter James Stone, said one race and a ballot issue led him to the polling site on November 8.

“Well, one would be the marijuana issue and one would be the governor issue.”

For Craighead County resident and senior citizen Ann Long, she says it's her duty.

“Because that’s our privilege as a citizen. And I wanted to vote my convictions and be a part of it.”


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