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Craighead County preparing for winter weather

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- The winter weather is arriving, and it’s going to be here to stay.

The Craighead County Emergency Operations Center first started to prepare for this icy weather multiple days ago and they say they are ready.

From treating roads to staying up to date with the latest information in case, the storm changes it’s path.

“Pre-treating roads the best they can with the brine solution. Obviously, you can’t do that on gravel road, so the county road department does what they can on their hard-surface roads,” says Craighead County Emergency Management Director Anthony Coy.

Coy says they are staying at the emergency operations center monitoring the current weather conditions and additional winter weather that is approaching.

They are also ready if any assistance request is required.

Coy says multiple power, and energy companies are on standby to.

“Our companies are preparing to respond to any outages that occur. Our power companies in the whole region have spent a fortune updating their- their infrastructure to keep vegetation back away from their lines to make it were- they’re in a much better position now than they were at the ice storm of 2009,” he says.

Staff is also monitoring 911 calls and reported car wrecks, at the dispatch center, so they know which roads and streets are slick and have develop ice.

Coy is warning people to only travel if it’s necessary.

It takes just a split second for that what looks to be water on the road but is actually frozen ice…now you’re off in a ditch or worse,” according to Coy.

He says the state is looking at deploying the national guard to the state police headquarters in the region if a city or county needs them.

“Just in case ya know if they run into the problem some years back where vehicles got stranded on the interstate. These guard units would be able to patrol and make sure that’s not occurring,” says Coy.

There is a possibility of downed trees.

Coy says if a tree is blocking a roadway, you can report it to the county road department, or your local city hall and they will come and clear the roadway.

Only call 911 if the tree has fallen on a home or a powerline.


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