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Craighead County Jail and Courthouse possible expansion

CRAIGHEAD CO. AR- Craighead county is expanding both its courthouse and county jail.

The county has had been working to expand the courthouse and county jail before the pandemic. Craighead county judge day says it’s manly for growth.

“We’re looking at trying to determine what we can afford and exactly what the needs are out there,” Craighead County, Judge Marvin Day said.

With funding, one option would be to wait for majority of the money, or bond financing which would have to be approved by the people. Bond financing would use existing revenue streams to avoid a tax increase.

“We’ve looked at several jails as a matter of fact and courtrooms facilities. We’ve been to Sharp county, they had a grand opening for their new facility, Sebastian county, we’ve been over there,” Day said.

Judge day says as the county continues to grow and more circuit court judges are added, more space is needed for them to work.

The county jail is over 30 years old and judge day says it is in need of an expansion with adding a courtroom there as well.

“It’s really just growth in the community, to boil it down to. We’ve not had an expansion to our facilities where it added beds in 15-20 years and our communities grown a lot since then so that’s one issue we’re seeing,” Judge Day said.

They do not have a set day, as they are in the very early stages of this process.


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