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City still cleaning up after Winter Storm

JONESBORO, AR- Last weeks’ winter weather left a lot of snow, and ice on roads for the city to clean up.

While out driving today, streets were still covered in snow and ice, making it hard for residents to get out. Jonesboro streets department says they are working to clear as many roads as they can.

Mayor Harold Copenhaver says the streets department have been working around the clock to clear streets and roads.

The street department division manager split his crew into 2 different crews and worked 12 hours shifts last week until Sunday.

“This is something that we haven’t had, to face in a number of years. So, I’ve lived here over 52 years and I’ve seen snowstorms come in our community but none of this magnitude stays here for the prolonged period,” Jonesboro Mayor Harold Copenhaver said.

With the help of the sun, it has become a lot easier to travel through, compared to the first days of the winter storm.

Copenhaver says they have gone back to regular duty today and plan to finish clearing off roads if the sun hasn’t gotten to.

He asks if your road is still covered with ice or snow to call the city.

“I will say the citizens that reached out to us when we responded to the streets department, they were able to get to the streets that had been requested, they have been going above and beyond and I’m very proud of our employees for doing so,” Copenhaver said.

They worked on the streets and roads where people would travel for work or school.

As for the Sanitation Department, although some trash is frozen the Mayor asks residents to put as much trash as they can in their bins for pickup.

“Then the landfill worked with us to where we were open on Saturday and we were able to pick up what we could on our Thursday route because it’s a hillier route, so we wanted the sun to get to that a little bit more,” Copenhaver said.

Trash and recycling resumes this week. If your trash has not been retrieved today, they will get it picked up as soon as possible.


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