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City of Jonesboro seeking feedback on Craighead County bridges, roads and streets

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- Do you hate potholes or think a road in Craighead County needs resurfacing?

Well, now is your opportunity and the last week to let your voice be heard.

The Northeast Arkansas Regional Transportation Planning Commission needs your feedback.

This comes as they're starting to plan and draft short-term improvement projects around the county that will span over the next four years.

“Even if they’re for it or against it, we want it all,” says Cecelie Cochran, director of the Jonesboro Metro Planning Organization. “And we want it to be reflective that the voice of the residents in Craighead County are being heard. We-we want to make sure that we’re not implementing these ‘improvements’ if they’re not actually going to be improvements."

The Metro Planning Organization monitors traffic, crash statistics, and pavement conditions throughout the county.

But public opinion from people that travel these roads and bridges can carry more weight than data.

Cochran says they are seeking public opinion from all over the county and its cities.

If one has any concerns with the planned projects; that feedback will go to the Arkansas Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration for review.

They have target areas they are focusing on for feedback; Including the Martin Luther King extension on Commerce Drive.

“There’s going to be some intersection improvements at Highway 41 and Parker and probably going up to maybe Highway 91. Just a lot of in my opinion, safety improvements going throughout the area to ensure, that these main routes that people are traveling every day are not only safe but they’re smooth,” Cochran says.

If you are interested in leaving a comment or giving any feedback to the Transportation Improvement Project, you can visit or email

The department also has a citizen board that Cochran encourages people to join if they are interested.

She says they present findings to the board and contribute to planning department programs.


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