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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Church, hospital coming together for community vaccine event

MARION, Ark- Anthony Coleman says it’s part of his pastoral duty to ensure the community is safe.

One way he is doing that is by educating members of the public. And his congregation on the importance of getting the Coronavirus vaccine by hosting a community gathering.

“To ensure that they are not only vaccinated but, they have the education. They have everything that they need to feel comfortable in receiving that vaccination,” says Pastor Anthony Coleman of Marion Church of God in Christ.

Community Connect will be at Marion Church of God in Christ on Sunday, August 8.

They will start the morning off with a sermon followed by free food, drinks, and the Pfizer Coronavirus vaccine clinic.

Just a week Gov. Hutchinson asked religious leaders to help encourage members of the community to get vaccinated.

“Pastors are a trusted source, and we really need to work with our churches,” the governor said.

Pastor Coleman agrees.

“Because of job loss, the deaths, and transitions, and all that, it is our responsibility as men of God, women of God, people of the cloth, pastors, and leaders- all over community leaders. It is our responsibility to ensure our community is safe and that they are vaccinated,” he says.

The church will partner with NEA Baptist hospital to host the vaccine clinic.

Hospital marketing director ty jones says they are working to bring the vaccine into the community.

“We’re trying to get that out in those areas that may be a little underserved. And we’re super excited to do our part because the majority of what we are seeing right now in the hospitals are unvaccinated individuals,” says Jones.

The state continues to lead the country with new daily cases due to the aggressive delta variant.

Arkansas also has one of the lowest vaccination rates as only 35% of residents are fully vaccinated.

Some members of the congregation are hesitant to get vaccinated, but Pastor Coleman says the key is education.

“It’s really communication, education, information so we can bring inspiration. Some of them simply, just don’t know the benefits,” the pastor says.


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