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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Cat cafe contributes to adoption rates in Paragould

PARAGOULD, Ark- One business in Paragould is getting creative with helping decrease the number of stray cats in town by finding them their furr- ever homes in a unique way.

At Something Pawsitive, you can drink a cup of coffee while playing with a furry companion.

The cat café opened in February with the idea to help increase the number of cat adoptions. Since its opening, the café has adopted over forty cats.

“It’s hard to see a picture of a cat on Facebook and think, ‘oh, that one’s cute, I want it.’ But they all have their own personalities, and you don’t know if that cat is going to mesh with your family or not,” says owner Tracy Mothershed. “So here you could come [to] meet that cat, spend some time with it and see if it is going to work with your family”.

The downtown Paragould business is the first cat café in the state.

The concept has become a trend as similar lounges are popping up across the country.

With the Paragould animal shelter shutting its doors a few years ago, Mothershed says that’s leading to feline overpopulation in the town it's something that sparked her interest to open the café.

“But there is such an overabundance of cats because there’s not a shelter, there’s difference feral colonies, there’s not a low-cost spay and neuter vet in this area. So, it is just a problem, the overpopulation,” she says.

The café is staff with twelve adult cats with whom are all up for adoption.

The business works with the non-profit rescue group Ozzies Legacies to supply the cats.

Guests can purchase food or drink if they choose, along with a ticket at Something Sweet, and then walk next door to Something Pawsotive to mingle with the furry animals.

The response from the Paragould community is welcoming.

“People have embraced it. We’ve had 47 adoptions from here, adult cats. People are sending us messages and pictures saying, ‘thank you for allowing us to adopt and, we just want to take them for giving them a home,” says Mothershed.


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