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Black History Month Kicks Off with New Local Business website

JONESBORO, AR- Today is the first day of Black History Month and new things are available to keep people involved.

To kick it off the month, several Jonesboro community members created an easier space for people to support local black owned businesses.

“The purpose of the site especially in Black History Month is to allow people to check out the businesses of color and not just businesses of color, women-owned businesses, and even those who have demonstrated support of women and people of color,” KLEK, General Manager, LaGanzie Kale said.

The black business website features over 270 local black men and women owned companies.

The idea sparked after the death of George Floyd and protest.

Many categories of business range from childcare, photographers, lawn care, and restaurants. The site also includes nonprofit organizations as well.

“We started with people that we just knew. People are asking, where are all of the black and people of color owned business and everyone would just drop links and comment,” Kale said.

After much research and hard work, the site was complete.

Brandon Tabor created the logo for the site and along with other volunteers, they added all the businesses in the area.

“This website is going to be a really valuable source for the area. It’s a great way for people to connect with other businesses who are run by people who look like them it is something that is greatly needed in this area,” Web designer, Brandon Tabor said.

To see how you can get your black owned business added to the site and view all the other businesses listed click the link.


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