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Authorities looking for answers after Poinsett County bridge arson

LEPANTO, Ark- A bridge in the region was destroyed after an arson fire. Now, the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department needs your help to find those responsible.

This county bridge here on Desmond Lake Road in rural Poinsett County was destroyed just days ago.

The sheriff’s department says this isn’t the first time the bridge has been damaged.

“We’d be happy to hear from them, whoever, so we can hopefully solve the case cause right now we are in need of some leads. It had been burned, set on fire back in August,” says Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department Criminal Investigations Division Lt. Brad Felkins. “And the roads, bridge was closed. I mean, the bridge was closed- they didn’t fix it back. It hadn’t been fixed since that first fire.”

Lieutenant Felkins says no one has been arrested for the August blaze.

The Lepanto Fire Department and Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department responded to the bridge fire Sunday afternoon around 6 pm.

Firefighters did their best to put the fire out, but it was too late.

Lieutenant Felkins says the fire was intentionally set.

With no witnesses due to the bridge's remote location, the sheriff’s department asks people to come forward with any information they might have.

“It’s county property, public property. Granted, there’s one farm shop on the other side of this bridge, there’s no homes. The road basically ends on the other side of this bridge. But it’s still a- could be an inconvenience for the people who farm on the other side of the river,” says Lt. Felkins.

Anyone with information related to the fire is encouraged to contact the Poinsett County Sheriff’s Department.


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