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Arkansas State University's Beck Center moves facilities

The Beck Center for Veterans at Arkansas State University now has a new location.

From one building to the next. The beck center for veterans has expanded and ready to help as many veterans as they can.

“They have meeting areas for the purple heart, and DAV it looks like it all personalized. So, it is NICE,” Army veteran, Everett Evans said.

The new center has moved to the administration annex. Behind the business building and in front of the ASU museum.

Today they gave veterans who are graduating a chance to pick up their cord and coin, while also giving them a tour of the facility.

“If they’re interested in education coming to A-State or any other institution at our training center, we’ll help them with that process. What benefits they might be able to use for the veterans administration to help pay for training or education,” Director, Lynda Nash said.

Nash said the center is also used as a resource for counseling, personal rehabilitation, and financial assistance to help support these individuals in their post-military service goals.

She felt since they are now centrally located for student veterans to seek services, they will have a large impact.

“Settle between classes and do homework, also we have VA work-study on campus. It’s for veterans to qualify for VA work-study, they could come to answer phones that will give them an extra income while they’re going to school,” Nash said

“I’m looking forward to getting back to our monthly chapter meetings and having comradery with our fellow warriors,” Evans said.

Parking is in the Dean B. Ellis library parking lot and handicapped parking is available outside the Delta Center for Economic Development.


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