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Arkansas State University receives multi-million dollar grant from the Windgate Foundation

Updated: May 21, 2021

JONESBORO, Ark Arkansas State University received one of their largest donations at over 6 million dollars from the Windgate Foundation for the Arts.

A donation that will impact students, faculty, and artist from across the world.

The non-profit is donating 6.4 million dollars to A-State.

The funds will be split up in three endowments for scholarships and furthering art education at the Bradbury Arts Museum and the university’s art and design department.

“We have two million dollars that will go towards supporting our endowment,” says Garry Holstein, director of the university’s Bradbury Arts Museum. “Which will provide operational support for us not only for our exhibitions like the work you see in here, but also for our educational programs. So, we have partnerships with different organizations in the community of Jonesboro, and we also work with area high schools.”

The grant also includes $30,000 in matching support for their mobile museum that will travel to area schools and arts festivals for educational programming.

In addition, Holstein says it will support bringing new collections to the university.

“It allows us to make sure the artist, that are going to school here are able to see amazing art from all of the world- they don’t have to go somewhere to see it.”

Of the 6.4 million dollars, one million of it will go towards upkeep of the new Windgate Center for Three Dimension Arts that will open this summer.

“So, it’s a huge help for us as a department and as a university and, it will help maintain the building in a state-of-the-art condition for students to work in and learn in for the foreseeable future,” said Temma Balducci, chair of the Arkansas State Department of Art + Design.

The gift will also create a 3-million-dollar endowment for needs base scholarships that will help remove financial barriers for university students.

“A lot of the students in our program are first generation students. Most students at the university have some kind of financial aid. So, the scholarship endowment will be a help again to our department and the whole university,” the Art + Design department chair says.

The $6.4 million dollar grant is among the largest gifts ever donated to Arkansas State for the arts.

Holstein says the impact goes beyond the university and its students.

“It will make a big difference in the lives of visual artists who you know are struggling to find their way, because the industry they worked in isn’t available to them all of a sudden because of the events over this past year,” he says.


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