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Arkansas State University prepares for students arrival back on campus

JONESBORO, Ark- Earlier this week, we showed you how k-twelve schools prepared for students’ arrival back.

Today we’re showing you how one university is preparing.

Tomorrow the dorms at Arkansas state will open as students fill back onto campus, with classes starting back on Tuesday.

As COVID cases rise, the university says the fall semester helped them prepare for how to conduct classes during the COVID-19 era.

“We learned a lot during the fall about what’s going to keep people as safe as practical. It’s all the things we all hear, washing your hands, wearing your mask, and keeping your distance. So, as we roll into the spring, we will be continuing those same practices that allowed us to function really well on campus,” says Arkansas State University Chief Communications Officer.

Next Tuesday will be the first time all students and staff are back on campus since before Thanksgiving break.

Through the break, the university has conducted frequent cleaning of dorms, rooms, and all buildings on campus.

One international student says she has mixed feelings about returning to the classroom.

“I feel excited a lot…but I also feel like I’m still a little nervous because of covid-19. Of course, I will continue to wear masks and sanitizer always. Especially when people are beside me,” says Krystal Phan

The university will continue to offer in-person, hybrid, and fully virtual classes.

Due to a large response from students and staff requesting in-person instruction, the university is making new makeshift classroom space to accommodate for social distancing.

“The large gym spaces inside of HYPES, Centennial Hall, and other large spaces inside the union. Meeting spaces inside First National Bank Arena like the Hinds room. They were all converted into classroom space where you could take a lecture space of forty or fifty people that would not fit inside any lecture hall with proper spacing,” says Smith.

The university released its return to learn plan for the spring semester back in December.


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