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Arkansas State University hosts multiple Covid-19 vaccine clinics for students

JONESBORO, Ark- Arkansas State University hosts multiple free on-campus Covid-19 vaccine clinics for university students this week.

The three clinics come as with Gov. Hutchinson opening the vaccine eligibility for everyone 16 and older just days ago.

“We knew that we had a lot of students that we’re interested in receiving the vaccination. They’ve been asking us to have these clinics,” says A-State chief communications officer Bill Smith. “Once it was opened up to where it was not just our on-campus residents or certain job areas, anybody sixteen or older, we’ve seen [a] strong response.”

The clinics were spread out over three days starting March 30th, with the first two locations inside residence halls.

The last clinic took place inside the Reng Student Union.

A total of 800 students received the Covid-19 vaccine from the three clinics.

One student and says he took advantage of the clinic to protect one family member.

“It’s an extra step in the way of safety. But the main reason I came here is to come, see my sister. My older sister, she’s never been the healthiest person in the world. I haven’t hung out with her in a year and a half, and I’m ready to see her again,” says Wyatt Burnett.

The university will offer free second-dose clinics, so students will be fully vaccinated before they even go home for summer vacation.

“I don’t know how many times we sat in meetings over the last year and said to each other, faculty, student or staff and said ‘wow. We sure hope everybody can be vaccinated during the summer before next fall. Who would, of thought we’d have the opportunity for so many of our students, faculty, and staff to leave vaccinated by the end of the spring,” says Smith.

The whole process takes 25 to 30 minutes as students lined up and receiving their vaccine by the College of Nursing and Health Professions faculty and were monitored by the university EMT program staff.

Burnett says he’s thrilled to have one step closer to getting back to pre-Covid life.

“Really, I’m just thrilled. I get to see her [sister], I get to see my nieces, we get to play board games again. It’s just a- it’s a step in the direction of normalcy, which is nice,” says Burnett.

The university will host their second dose clinics the week of April 20th.


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