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Arkansas State University has received their 12th honor of a Military Friendly University

JONESBORO,AR- Arkansas State University has received their 12th honor of a Military Friendly University.

The Military Friendly Schools list sets the standard for higher education institutions to provide the best opportunities for veterans and their spouses. Lt col. Joseph Loar says this honor was not a surprise to him.

“My 20 years in the army, I’ve not been in a town that’s more supportive of the military and it just makes sense that the university is a part of that community also and extremely supportive of the military. Veterans in particular and just the programs that they have are intended to help our returning veterans, which Arkansas has quite a few,” A-State, Lt. Col. Joseph Loar said.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Loar has been at A-State for about 2 years.

For the first time since the start of levels of ranking, Arkansas State received a silver rating. For the previous two years, A-State was a bronze level.

“Our program has had so much support from a new roof to a new side on this building. Our alumni community helps support the cost of rooms like this we’re standing in now that most don’t get to have for their ROTC program,” Lt. Col. Loar said.

The Military Science building is about 5,900 sq. feet Loar says it’s the largest building in Arkansas for an ROTC program.

When it comes to recruiting for the program, they like to build a relationship to show them how they will be supported as a student and cadet at the university.

“ROTC just like the rest of the university, is an outlet to help provide that step up for people in this community and beyond,” Lt. Col. Loar said.

Loar says they are planning to upgrade the military science building in the future for a better use to students, faculty, and staff at the university.


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