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Areas of the Mall at Turtle Creek to be demolished soon

JONESBORO, Ark- We are under a month away from the first anniversary of the Jonesboro tornado with a new development in the Mall at Turtle Creek.

You can still see the impact the march 2020 tornado had on the Mall at Turtle Creek.

After almost a year of talks between the city and property owner, the unsalvageable areas of the mall will be demolished next month.

“At the latest March 15th, they’re going to clean the mall, property, and destruction over there. We know that the insurance on the stores expires at the end of March and, so we expect to see some good progress out there in the near future,” says city of Jonesboro communications director Bill Campbell.

The Mall at Turtle Creek received major damage on March 28th when an E-F 3 tornado ripped through town.

Since last spring, the city of Jonesboro’s been communicating back-and-forth with mall owner Brookfield Properties, urging them to clean up and demolish any unsalvageable areas, citing it a safety risk.

Now, Brookfield Properties has mailed the city a letter stating they would demolish certain areas deemed “red zone” by outside engineers.

Campbell says the future of the mall is still somewhat uncertain.

“The most we can is gonna be down to Victoria Secret and whatever’s across from that which is just to the east of the food court. So, to the east of the food court. So basically, you’re getting not quite two-thirds of a mall. Of course, Dillard’s will be a standalone store,” says Campbell.

It will be up to Brookfield Properties, to determine what will take the place of the soon-to-be- demolished areas.

Campbell says the west end of the mall is in good shape.

“They have to repair the roof, they’ve got just a little of damage at the bottom of it, but the heat and AC are on, the music’s on in there,” he says. “So, the mall management is there every day and targets been doing strong and, J.C. Penny is going strong.”

The city is ready to have the mall fully re-open, but they are pleased with the recent progress.

“it’s taken longer than we would of, liked but we understand a company in Chicago and has global dealings, Jonesboro may not of, been high on their list. But Jonesboro’s high on our list, and the mayor pushed to get them to commit, and so far, they have done everything the mayor asked them to do,” says Campbell.

We will continue to update you on the mall’s progress and an exact date the demolition will occur.


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