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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

ARDOT provides an update on roads, residents brace for third round of winter weather

JONESBORO, Ark- Roads across the region remain slick after multiple rounds of winter weather brought sleet and ice.

Some areas did not see much sunshine today, resulting in little melting, ahead of the third round of winter weather moving in tonight.

ARDOT District Ten engineer Brad Smithee says they’re monitoring it as it arrives in northeast Arkansas.

“All crews staying on shift and being around for the night and prepared for whatever happens.”

The system arrived this afternoon, is expected to move out by early Thursday morning.

Residents are bracing, once again for more ice, freezing rain, and sleet this week. One man said he ventured out Monday night and hit a few icy patches but says cabin fever is getting him to drive around town on Wednesday.

“This is not fun to scrape all this ice off. It's a lot of work,” The Jonesboro man said.

In downtown Jonesboro, the roads were still very slick this afternoon. Driving in four-wheel drive posed its own challenges thanks to the ice, with slick spots off Main and Union streets.

Smithee said roads in Paragould this afternoon was improving thanks to snowplows and sun poking through the clouds. While in some areas, others don’t have the same luck.

“Highway One is still very covered. It's 27 degrees, so it's not changing much right now. For sections like that, I don't know how much we’ll get to do today,” he said.

As the sun shined this afternoon, that did melt away some ice. The ARDOT engineer stressed the importance of having patience if you drive around.

“The frozen, hard surface packed of ice and snow, where that melting is occurring, is probably the most dangerous spots you’ll drive on today, because you have water on ice, and that makes for very slick conditions. I’ve seen drivers today that are just tired of going slow. They’re going out into bad lanes and making bad choices and going too fast. That's going to cause some trouble.”

Smithee wanted to applaud the round-the-clock work ARDOT crews are doing this week. He says they’re working tirelessly and will continue until the roads are clear.

To find up to date road conditions across the state, you can visit


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