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ARDot officials update the future of I-57

In Walnut Ridge several local officials met with Ardot to go over the Future of I-57.

The project of expanding I-57 has been in the works for years. It was mentioned several times that the passing of Issue 1 in November was a big step in this process.

“I appreciate them having us up here and hearing about the project. It makes out the job a lot easier out on the ground when we’re talking about residents and property owners. The local leaders already know a lot about the project,” Arkansas Department of Transportation Director, Lorie Tudor said.

Future I-57 is a project where Ardot has built an interstate from I-40 in little rock to walnut ridge.

They want to extend it to meet at the Missouri line. This would eventually go from Little Rock to Chicago Illinois.

Tudor said this is the missing link and is currently in the environmental process.

“What that means is we’re evaluating different alignments and deciding which alignment makes the most sense. We look at a lot of different things like the cost, historical structures, wetland, you name it, we look at all of it,” Tudor said.

Pocahontas Mayor, Keith Sutton felt positive following the meeting.

But there is a possibility the route chosen will not be close to Pocahontas.

“We want it as close as we can, so we continue to get the traffic we have now with the existing 67. It could impact us if they take corridor 3 down 34. It could hurt us pretty well,” Pocahontas Mayor, Keith Sutton said.

Sutton and citizens have studied these routes, he felt a lot of questions were answered.

“I’m glad they came up here and explained the way they did. We can pass that along to our citizens and they will understand more of what is happening and give their comments to us, so we can give them the highway department and they’ll consider that,” Sutton said.

A public hearing will be held spring 2022 to choose an alternative route for I-57.


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