• Sara Doan

ARDOT crews working to clear roadways from additional snowfall

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

CRAIGHEAD COUNTY, Ark- ARDOT crews, are work around the clock to clear snow and ice from the roadways.

District engineer Brad Smithee says patience plus warmer temperatures and additional work will get us back to normal driving conditions.

“And then when the snow started falling on this latest event, we were- I’ll say we couldn’t be in as good as shape because the event just didn’t give us the time. We still had chlorides on the ground. Snow and water and everything it was diluting it; it was using it up a little bit. But we weren’t afforded the opportunity to replenish that nice layer of pre-treatment,” says Smithee.

Since ARDOT wasn’t able to pre-treat all roads before yesterday’s snow showers makes clearing them complicated, says Smithee.

But he says the sun on Tuesday did help with melting snow.

Earlier this week ARDOT, started to use snowplows as their primary solution to clear the roads due to short supply.

“Getting salt during this time has been a huge challenge, our suppliers the trucking industry. You know they did what they could but with bad roads all over the mid-central United States where these materials come from. It was just impossible to get adequate re-supply,” he says.

Smithee says their system is not prepared for an almost, two-week snowstorm, as this is a rare event.

He says their goal is to have roads cleared before the weekend.

But multiple aspects have to work in their favor for that to happen.

“I don’t know if we can accomplish that. It’ll be a factor of the temperatures if the sun shines and all of those things,” says Smithee. “But do look for improved conditions as we move forward from here. No more falling stuff coming out of the sky so, we’re gonna make progress do doubt.”

ARDOT crews will continue to work around the clock until roads are clear.

Monday calls for a high of 43 degrees, which will help with melting a lot of the snow.

Smithee also encourages drivers to take it slow and look at the IDrive Arkansas website as ARDOT will have up-to-date road conditions on it.


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