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After 30 plus years working with E 9-11 services, Director Jeff Presley is retiring

JONESBORO,AR- Jeff Presley has been with Jonesboro 911 from April 1993. The center had just opened a year and a half during that time. He has since been the director for the last 14 years.

“Over the years as technology changed, our job changed so, it was one of those types of jobs where you’re always in some type of training,” E 9-11 Director, Jeff Presley said.

The job consists of him being on-call all the time coming in for work around 6 AM. When there was an ice, snow, or severe storm, he had to be there.

“Throughout the years I gained some experience with the Department of Homeland Security Liaison officer for Northeast Arkansas. Worked closely with the FBI on that network and a lot of connections so I’ll miss some of that,” Presley said.

Presley turned 62 years old this year and felt it was time to retire.

During his time, he ran for Craighead County Judge, was awarded the life-saving medal by the Jonesboro Police Department in 2014, and a great asset to the residents.

One 9-11 dispatcher says for the many years Presley has been here, he’s earned his break.

“30 plus years with the city is a pretty long time and in this line of work, it’s even longer because it’s long days, long nights, and you take stuff home with you. So, I think it’s good for him,” Dispatcher, Kristyn George said.

Presley says he will miss working with his E 9-11 staff because they have become his work family.

He’s grateful to the people of Jonesboro and Craighead County for their help over time.

“I want to thank everybody. It’s been an honor serving you and I just hope and pray the person that walks into this office after me, has the same passion and drive because it’s not a job you can take lightly. You’ve got the hands of several people helping you out but there are lives there that we have to protect. It’s a big job but Thank you,” Presley said.

Once retired, he plans to travel and collect antiques, Presley’s last day is June 30.


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