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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

A-State unveils new multi-million dollar art and design building

JONESBORO, Ark- Arkansas State University unveiled its newest building Monday afternoon.

The new Windgate Center for Three-Dimensional Arts at A-State is complete. University leadership says the facility will not only advance the universities art and design department for years to come.

“It gets us out of a building that wasn’t very attractive and puts us in a brand-new building that is certainly larger, certainly more attractive. So, we hope that it will inspire our students and faculty to engage even more,” says university Chancellor Dr. Kelly Damphousse.

The new facility will provide almost 22,000 square feet of additional space for students and faculty.

It replaces the old arts annex building that has been in use for over 30 years.

In addition to studio and gallery areas, the center has dedicated spaces for students to work on a variety of art forms.

“We had ceramics and sculpture studios which we’ve always had, but now we have woodworking and a metal shop. Students will be able to get a little more detailed and expansive at the same time. So, just lots of possibilities that we didn’t have before,” said department chair, Dr. Temma Balducci.

The building was complete by the start of the fall semester and, classes are already underway inside.

Balducci says students can expand their horizons as the Windgate Center has a foundry.

One student says she looks forward to taking advantage of all the three-dimensional arts center has to offer.

“I know from upperclassmen how much of a difference separate areas will make. Everyone is super excited to cast, which is so cool.”

Construction on the center started last September, as principal funding for the over 7-million-dollar facility was provided by the Windgate Foundation. They have also donated a one-million-dollar endowment for the upkeep of the building.

Chancellor Damphousse says the facility will also serve as a recruiting tool.

“We actually moved the building, so it’s near where we start student tours. So, they will be able to see the building and if they’re interested in art, walk into it and around,” he said.

Balducci says they plan to use the facility to host summer camps and other community events starting next year.


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