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A local church in Jonesboro starts bible school

Updated: Mar 3, 2021

JONESBORO, AR- A local church in Jonesboro has started a bible school for anyone interested in the community.

New life empowerment ministries received a letter of exemption certification to offer church related programs and courses.

In 2016, they attempted to start the bible college, but it didn’t work the time but come back around in 2020 and the time was right.

“It is born out of a need for educating God’s people,” Chancellor, Dr. Greg Ota said.

Ota says there were two reasons the time was now.

“My mother passed away on the 2nd of February 2020, so the college has been under work since 2016. We resurrected it in the middle of 2020. We wanted to start it on 02/02/2021. Number 1 Black History Month, number 2, to commemorate my mother’s death. It’s part of Black History,” Ota said.

The college and seminary are to provide a broad based basic Christian education to students who can’t attend full time classes on a traditional college campus.

The classes will be held weekly, with 9-week classes, making it easier for you to complete without leaving your home.

“Most people who are called to ministry are already pastoring. They don’t have time to stop what their doing to go to school, this bible college is designed a little different. It’s all online,” Ota said.

For more information about enrollment, contact Dr. Greg Ota at


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