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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Black Friday important day for small businesses in the middle of COVID-19 Pandemic

PARAGOULD,AR- Black Friday is almost a national holiday after Thanksgiving.

This year, the pandemic has created more problems than most especially for small businesses. Two business owners know these are special days for their stores and are ready for anything.

“We’re looking forward to the crowd and perse crowd. The number of people that will come out on Black Friday and shop. Small businesses especially have had a very tough year this year, they’ve been struggling. So, this is one of those times where small businesses can make up for their struggles and have people out,” Owner, Southern Soil Outfitters, Trevor Gramling said.

Southern Soil Outfitters Store Owners Trevor Gramling opened his store in the middle of the pandemic, in June.

He says, at first, he was nervous to open but knew it was time.

“This was what we were going to do, this was our time. We’re on the outdoors side of things. So, in the middle of the pandemic, the outdoors was big, it was one of the only things you could do. We felt we were still pushed to do it, still lead to do it,” Gramling said.

Downtown Paragould has provided several stores with hand sanitizer stations, social distancing markings for the floor, so shoppers feel safe when out.

Kayla Gramling owner of The Tiny Twing, has had the storefront for 4 years.

Everything in the store is hand made.

She is looking forward to getting people back in the store and shopping locally.

“Anytime you can support people around your area that are supporting your local teams, and local schools and stuff too, it always good to complete the full circle,” Owner, The Tiny Twing Kayla Gramling said.

With Trevor and Kayla both being a family of business owners, this is something that they’ve had to adjust too but worth it.

“It’s worked out really well actually. It gives a little more flexibility than what we had before, working full-time regular jobs, so it’s worked out really well,” Kayla Gramling said.

Saturday is Small Business Saturday they hope people go out and support those businesses now more than ever.


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