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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

After 20 years, Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson is stepping down

Trumann Police Chief Chad Henson is stepping down, but his career in law enforcement is not over.

After 20 years in law enforcement and 8 and a half as Police Chief, Chief Chad Henson is taking a step in the background to better train officers.

“Law enforcement has always been saying this. We need to share this in intelligence, we need to share these things with the public and most importantly ourselves,” Trumann Police Department Chief, Chad Henson said.

He plans on taking on a role in the background on technology to share intelligence and help the officers mentally and limit the impact their job can have on their personal life.

“As a CEO, bound to this desk, just trying to work on Trumann’s issues I just have such a greater focus for law enforcement as a whole,” Henson said.

Over two decades, memorable moments for Chief Henson is how people come together during unfortunate tragedies.

9/11 he was selected as a Federal Air Marshall and after the loss of a Trumann Police Chief and officer the city welcomed him in.

“The way they allowed me to lead, would be the most memorable moment here and it’ll stick with me the rest of my life,” Henson said.

Henson thanks the City of Trumann and those he worked with; says they will have a piece of his heart for the rest of his life.

He became an officer to help others, and this is a way for him to continue that service.

“I’ve always wanted to help. When I got in law enforcement, I always wanted to help law enforcement. So, law enforcement as a whole, they need someone back there just kind of gently pushing them in the right direction especially now when reform and transformation is being asked of us, demanded of us, somebody has to do it,” Henson said.

Chief Henson’s last day is December 31,2020. Henson says he will help train the interim Chief, who will be announced by Mayor Barbara Lewallen.


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