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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

3 families received boxes of food for Thanksgiving

JONESBORO, AR- Since the annual Thanksgiving dinner in Jonesboro was canceled, one veterans post decided they want to help those they can.

3 families received boxes of food for their Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow because someone was thinking of them. One family was speechless and shocked by the gratitude.

“It’s not often that we receive help and when we do, it takes your breath away,” recipient, DeMarcus Bell Sr., said.

The Roy Wiles Post 1991, Veterans of Foreign Wars of America gave thanksgiving dinners to 3 veteran families in need in Jonesboro.

Names were sent in from within the post, and the beck pride center at a-state on individuals they could help this holiday season.

“The VFW, and the American Legion always step up for families in need, whether they were veterans or non-veterans and we’re trying to bring that back,” Roy Wiles Post 1991, VFW Commander Shane Perkins said.

Perkins says veteran families is something they deal with and anywhere they can find a vet that needs help they try to do that.

Most of the food was donated from Harps and Kroger. They also had some monetary donations to help purchase other food items.

“It differently takes your breath away. I have two little boys, a little girl and a 18 year old, so this helps out a lot. It’s a blessing,” Bell said.

The post will host a Thanksgiving dinner to the community tomorrow at 1 pm. Dinner is served on a first come first served basis.


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