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Gearhead Outfitters holiday pop-up shop now open

JONESBORO, AR- Gearhead outfitters and gamble home announced they are opening a pop-up shop in Jonesboro.

Gearhead outfitters in collaboration with gamble home, moved into the old Pier 1 location. Gearhead store owner Amanda Herget says this was better for social distancing guidelines.

“Our downtown store couldn’t service everyone in the Northeast Arkansas community and with social distancing in mind we wanted to make sure we had more space and so, this worked out perfectly. Spirt Halloween had just moved, and we took over right after they left,” Gearhead Outfitters, store owner, Amanda Herget said.

The pop-up shop was created to accommodate holiday shoppers who are coming into the area.

Both gearhead outfitters and gamble home were displaced after the march 20-20 tornado, and this was a great spot until the new location in the old sears building is ready.

“We thought that we could go ahead and introduce customers to the two brands together so people can come in here and they can shop Gearhead, and they can also shop furniture while they’re in as well with the Gambles showroom,” Herget said.

This year their Black Friday deals will last until November 30.

The gamble home element elevates the shopping experience and help divide the space with interesting showroom pieces.

In this creative way it reaches more customers.

“We service people from all over Northeast Arkansas and Missouri and so, we’re really hoping that this location will do that as well, because it’s in the middle of town it’s really easy to park, run in and leave so, we just hope it will be a convenient location,” Herget said.

The holiday pop-up shop will remain open until the first of the year.

Herget says they plan to open the new location in the former Sears building in Jonesboro spring 2021.


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