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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Thanksgiving Break used to deep clean schools

JONESBORO,AR- Schools in Jonesboro are using the Thanksgiving break as an opportunity to deep clean their campuses.

Even though blended learning has limited on campus attendance; local schools are still taking the steps to ensure their buildings are safe like at Westside Consolidated School District.

Superintendent Scott Gauntt says their students went virtual the last 2 weeks to give them a chance to conduct a deep cleaning.

“Without kids here we’re able to do a lot more during the day, we’ve been doing a lot of things on campus, on a daily basis,” Westside Consolidated School District, Superintendent, Scott Gauntt said.

They’ve had to even hire more janitorial staff to clean to strengthen their efforts.

Gauntt says the rules and health regulations they have in place have worked for their district.

Misters are used every day after school, now it’s easier to get to areas you can’t get to every day.

“Some of our classified staff can go into classrooms and not only use things like misters and things like that but also go in there and clean the floors, clean every place that a student might touch. I feel confident that our people went in and did a really good job. You know we had two weeks to get that done and I know they worked extremely hard to complete that task,” Gauntt said.

Gauntt says they want to provide the safest environment possible for when students return from their holiday break.


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