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NYITCOM hosts educational webinar for parents on COVID-19 concerns

JONESBORO,AR-COVID-19 is personally affecting parents and families every day.

The NYITCOM program at Arkansas State University held an educational webinar for parents with COVID-19 concerns, with the main goal of how they can help parents?

“Try to think of ways to help all of us get through this pandemic. I think as a pediatrician, one of the first things that came to my mind was to try to connect to parents,” Assistant Professor and Clinical Medicine, Dr. Christine Hartford

The webinar gave parents and families information that can help them navigate their way through the pandemic.

The webinar also covered general information about the virus and gave helpful tips about how to prevent the spread of COVID.

Two other medical and faculty members will join to share their different perspective.

“Really focus on information I thought parents would want to know. Things as far as how does is specifically present itself in children, what are children’s risk and then we spend a lot of time talking about what I call just existing and living in this pandemic. How to go to school safely, what about sports and how do we help our children cope,” Hartford said.

Hartford thinks people have a lot of questions and are receiving a lot of mis information.

So, explaining how important it is to quarantine or isolate yourself if you meet the criteria.

With Craighead County being a hot spot zone, she isn’t sure people are doing enough right now to combat this virus.

“Just the fact that Jonesboro is a hot spot, that means that a lot of people are just dealing with this and the other sort of aspect is just giving parents information that can sort of help them help their children as their living through this difficult time,” Hartford said.

If you missed the webinar, it will be available on NYIT'S YouTube page.


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