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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Light of Paragould, becoming a new tradition

PARAGOULD,AR- Many Christmas parades have been canceled because of the large crowds it could bring out.

One Paragould resident is bringing Lights of Paragould to life after their annual Christmas parade was canceled. What started as something small had snowballed in something much bigger.

“The Paragould community has really stood up during this, this pandemic has been tough on everybody. It’s been hard, people been looking for things to do because it seems like we’re in a cancelled culture age where everything that everybody wants to do ends up getting canceled. So, I believe it’s going to get everybody in the community an opportunity to get out,” Creator Lights of Paragould, Trevor Gramling said.

This event will have displays built by the community and some purchased displays.

Gramling reached out to the Paragould A&P Commission about funding and received $12,000 to help by commercial Christmas lights displays for the show.

He hopes this will be an annual event.

“Creative that’s come out of this has been really awesome. The different community members, we have churches, cub scout groups, girl scout groups, just civic organizations, we even have families and businesses,” Gramling said.

People driving through will vote on winners for each category.

All profit from the event will be donated to the Greene County Foster Parents Association.

Gramling says he wanted to make sure the funds from this community event would go somewhere to help.

“With us giving the money to the Greene County foster parent association hopefully that will go into getting kids in foster care gifts or things they may need during this time,” Gramling said.

Lights of Paragould is still looking for more entries and will run from December 7th -12th at the Greene County Fairgrounds.


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