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Jonesboro Grants and Community Development Department needing citizens help

JONESBORO,AR- Jonesboro residents the grants and community development department need your help.

The department has received funding for COVID-19 relief and in order to distribute it they need help deciding how money should be spent?

“The funding is meant to be citizen driven. Every year, we get regular community development block funding from HUD. This year we’ve gotten two additional allocations for COVID funding and the entire program is supposed to be based on citizen input. What the citizens believe is for the best benefit of Jonesboro,” City of Jonesboro, Grant Writer, Lakyn Williams said.

Community development block grant funds can be used for public services through our local nonprofits, infrastructure improvements to combat homelessness and other covid-19 concerns facing the city, support to local businesses, and more.

Gina Gomez, Executive Director of Hispanic Center says the Hispanic community has been affected the most and she hopes they can continue to be a voice for them.

“We have been really working hard in order to assist the people with many needs that we have in our community. We hope to receive this support from the city of Jonesboro because with the numbers that we have today, the work is going to continue in the coming months,” Executive Director, Hispanic Center, Gina Gomez said.

Jonesboro residents could turn in their comments if they missed the meeting starting tomorrow for 5 days.

Once the amendment is sent to city council, if passed, application process will open for non-profits.

Funds plans to be release in the beginning of 2021.

They will have another public hearing for their regular funding.

“A lot of the funding that has come in COVID is director to feed and different areas, but not to operation of the agencies that are really providing the services. We have hired more staff and the number of services that we have, have increased a lot so, we really need funding for operations,” Gomez said.

To share your comments on the covid-19 relief you can visit Once the 5-day public comment is over, they will tally the result and begin amending the annual action plan.


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