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COVID-19 cases in Craighead County schools

JONESBORO,AR- Several schools in Craighead County have reported many COVID cases as the number of those infected in the state continue to rise.

Valley View School District has begun digital learning days for the rest of the week. Although the school is still open, they hope the limited number of students on campus, will help reduce the number of active COVID cases.

“We made the decision to do this district wide, K-12. So, it is all of our buildings will have digital days throughout this week so, that way it provides some uniformity for our parents,” Valley View Curriculum Specialist, Roland Popejoy said.

Valley view currently has 13 positive cases involving students and staff.

Curriculum specialist, Roland Popejoy, says their numbers doubled from Wednesday to Friday including their number of close contacts—which led them to digital learning for the rest of the week.

“Our school buildings are open still. We have a small number of students that are still her on campus. We felt it important to provide that option to our families,” Popejoy said.

Nettleton Schools have 4 positive teachers, 16 that are quarantined, 8 positive students and 208 students in quarantine across the district.

District nurse, Lory, says many students are not following the rules they’re supposed to if positive for coronavirus.

“I know that I have seen some students out that are supposed to be in quarantine, so that makes me think that if one or two are doing it a lot more are doing that and when they quarantine we tell them you have to stay at home, you can’t be out and about,” District nurse, Lori Ellis said.

With Craighead County being a hot spot, they feel people must start working together to stop the spread including, not gathering and wearing masks, but will continue to keep their schools safe.

“That is something that we want to contain any spread that’s potential. We feel that we’ve done a great job of working to clean and sanitize and social distance as much as possible. But at the same time, with this virus, any type of contact is a challenge whenever you’re in the school setting,” Popjoy said.

The Arkansas Department of Health updates a list of school cases Monday thru Thursday every week.


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