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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Peta promotes, "Thanks Vegan"

Peta is encouraging Arkansans to hop on the vegan food trend by promoting “Thanks Vegan” on Highland in Jonesboro, a billboard next to an Aldi store, is a part of the push for everyone to give turkeys a break by celebrating with a vegan fest.

Arkansas kills more than 15 million turkeys a year and is one of the top turkeys producing states in the nation.

Peta’s billboard aims to inspire a fresh 21st century way of viewing the birds.

“It’s really easy to choose compassion over cruelty and that’s why we’re encouraging everyone to take a step back, look at some other options and choose healthy vegan meals for Thanksgiving and every day of the year because it has never been easier to go vegan,” Peta’s Senior Education Manager, Kenneth Montville said.

Peta is offering a thanks vegan menu and recipe guide on their website.

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