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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Governor Hutchinson has announced a new online program to help Veterans across Arkansas

Governor Hutchinson has announced a new online program to help Veterans across Arkansas.

Home Base Arkansas provides information on military benefits, and employment especially with the way the pandemic has created many job losses.

It was created by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and the Military Affairs Committee, to say thank you, plus provide a way to give back to people who have served.

“It’s going to be fantastic because where we’ve had problems in the past, spouses, let's say is a cosmetologist in California and they become stationed in Arkansas, she can get an immediate waiver and get her license and be able to go to work right away instead of taking months,” Craighead County Veterans Service Officer, Larry Pierce said.

Craighead county veterans service officer helps those who are honorable discharge veterans with pensions, healthcare, and finding employment.

Unemployment during the pandemic has been a problem for most Arkansans.

Despite that, pierce, says that there are new opportunities for veterans looking for unemployment.

“When they had the stimulus program, people would work 3 days or 4 so they could get their stimulus and unemployment. They were doing other things, but it’s created job openings and I think it’s a little more the other way. Places are opening up now and they’re needing people,” Pierce said.

Veteran Help sites:

Beck Pride Center for Veterans at Astate

Craighead County Veterans Service


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