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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

City of Jonesboro begins Mayor transitions

The new year is rapidly approaching, and the Jonesboro Mayor office is preparing the transition between mayoral offices.

Harold Copenhaver won the mayoral election last week but now it’s time for city officials to make sure things transition over smoothly and so far, so good.

Harold Copenhaver is replacing Mayor Harold Perrin, who did not seek re-election due to health concerns.

The two have had several meetings as they prepare for the change in leadership.

“We’ve got many projects that are under way right now that will continue for several months and Mayor Perrin does watch over very closely and he’s going to transition Mayor elect Copenhaver into those at any time,” Chief of staff, Mike Downing said.

Their meetings are a way to get the new mayor up to speed ahead of his swearing in on January 1st.

Downing, says he has provided an extensive amount of notes for Copenhaver so he can be fully prepared when he takes office.

“It’s been a great just as far as the discussion about methods and information and process things like that and so, that will go on for several months I’m sure even after the new mayor takes office,” Downing said.

City officials say a swearing in ceremony is still in place for the new mayor and city council members.

We will update if anything changes regarding the ceremony.


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