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  • Cydney Thompson, Northeast Arkansas News

Arkansas welcomes 40 new Law Enforcement Officers

POCAHONTAS, Ark- Today Arkansas welcome 40 new law enforcement officers.

The BRTC Law Enforcement Training Academy held their graduation ceremony today and with only 5 women in the class, one officer is now validated in her recent career choice.

“It was a moment of relief. During these 13 weeks we’ve been put through a lot of obstacles to kind of prepare us for what we were going to go through for the rest of our lives if we chose to make this a career. To me this graduation was also a moment in time where, it was like validation for myself that whatever I put my mind to I can do,” Sherwood Police Department, Abi Resendiz said.

This is the 43rd class to graduate from the academy.

Departments including West Memphis Police Department, walnut ridge police department and Jonesboro Police Department had new officers apart of this class.

Resendiz recognized how her peer, Brianna Porter of the West Memphis Police Department was like a pillar to her.

“She’s was the leader of us, she was there for all of us, as a leader and a friend,” Resendiz said.

As one of those 5 women graduating, patrolman Resendiz knew this was something she wanted to after a positive encounter with a police officer growing up. Something she hopes to do for other young children.

“The brief few moments, the way he talked to me, the way he handled the situation made me feel comfortable and I want to be that for somebody else. I want to be the light for someone else when they’re in the darkest place of their time,” Resendiz said.

To see the full graduation ceremony, you can visit black river technical college on Facebook.


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