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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Greene County Tech returns from virtual learning

PARAGOULD, Ark- One area school district recently returned to face-to-face instruction after going virtual for almost two weeks.

Greene County Tech Superintendent Gene Weeks says virtual learning is still a challenge for them.

They feel more prepared now than they did in the spring, yet they do have room to improve.

"I was pleased we were able to execute the virtual learning,” says Weeks. “Can we get better? Definitely. Can the kids get better, and staff get better? Definitely. But, from where we were six months ago to today, we are light years ahead."

Grades 6th through 12th switched to virtual learning on October 28th and reopened this week.

High Covid and quarantine numbers plus not being able to find enough substitutes caused the switch.

G.C.T. did host a mock virtual day this semester, helping prepare them in addition to being a one-to-one device district.

Meaning no more paper packets. Weeks says they did struggle with participation for some students.

"A lot of that time, we had to spend trying to connect and get engaged with those students.” Said Weeks. “So, you've got a lot of issues."

All G.C.T. campuses have WIFI hotspots in their parking lots, allowing students to do their work.

Weeks is now sending a stern warning to the community to follow the guidelines.

"We can do a really good job here at school with social distancing and wearing our masks,” says Weeks. “But you go out into the community and, our people are not doing it out in the community. They're not going to let us have school. I mean, it's going to keep us from having the ability to have kids on campus. We need our community to help us when the kids are at home when they're out in the community in their daily lives."

Weeks says their quarantine, and Covid numbers have gone down since returning to in-person instruction and he hopes it stays that way.


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