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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Trumann School District switches to blended learning until Thanksgiving break

TRUMANN, Ark- Thanks to blended learning students can continue their work remotely or at school in small sizes.

Superintendent Brandie Williams says they will continue to monitor positive cases from now until students come back from Thanksgiving break.

“Fortunately, the state really lined up three levels,” says Williams. “A green a yellow and red level, and we’re really kind of operating in that yellow. Where the majority of our students are doing their blended learning today, but we’re also offering onsite support for students whose families feel that’s what they need. So, we’ve had about 100 students on campus.”

Williams says the majority of students on campus today were in the elementary school.

Classes such as yearbook and the certified nursing assistant program were also on campus in groups of ten or less at a time.

The district currently has around 150 students in quarantine.

Williams says first saw high Covid numbers in their high school.

They are now seeing a trickling effect, as many of their high school students with positive tests now have younger siblings who either have the Coronavirus or are in quarantine.

Williams says an increase in Covid-19 cases in the community, and staff family members was the deciding factor to switch to blended learning.

“We’ve had some positive spouses, so that’s put their spouses our employees in quarantine,” according to Williams. “So, in elementary, it really doubled on us overnight, it seemed like. We’re kinda seeing about 80-85% of that is being caused from things in the community."

Williams says she’s proud of how long they lasted until pivoting as they’re still playing catchup from last spring semester.

Since the school is in the blended learning stage, they will continue school activities.

“We’re gonna keep hanging on and doing our small groups and our practices and the games we can get in safely,” said Williams. “We just have a small handful between now and Thanksgiving, and we’re gonna check on this right after Thanksgiving to see what our numbers are looking like that have been reported to see what we’re gonna do at that point.”

The district did distribute and deliver hotspot connectors to families without WIFI access today.

Williams wants to remind families to take Covid precautions during Thanksgiving with hopes the district can continue in-person learning for the rest of the year.


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