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  • Sara Doan, Northeast Arkansas News

Jonesboro hospitals to continue patient visitations after Covid hospitalizations increase

JONESBORO, Ark- Arkansas marked a record number of new Covid-19 hospitalizations today at over 800.

Representatives from both NEA Baptist and St. Bernards medical centers say when with the spike they will continue to allow visitations.

“With the number’s up, you’re seeing a higher census in the hospital,” says Director of Marketing for NEA Baptist Hospital, Ty Jones. “That’s more patients for our physicians and nursing staff to cover, which creates more communication barriers. So, having those family members in the room with the patient is making things a little bit easier on that front.”

Jones says even with the rise in community cases; they feel comfortable with the policy.

Currently, NEA Baptist allows one guest per day for each patient and two guardians per day for minor patients.

St. Bernards allows one patient, two visitors, per day, but only one can visit at a time.

Both NEA Baptist and St. Bernards conduct Covid screenings before visitors are allow inside.

St. Bernards Media Relations Manager Mitchell Nail says patients deserve to have advocates with them.

“We believe that a care person or support person with a patient is a vital part of the healing process,” says Nail. “An extra pair of eyes, an extra pair of ears, and an extra mouth to ask questions. So, especially at St. Bernards Medical Center right now, we have no intention of changing the policy.”

Both Jones and Nail say they haven’t had issues with visitors following their Covid guidelines.

They also will continue to watch their hospitalization numbers closely as cases go up.


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